EverSince cosmetics testimonial

What Eversince cosmetics customers thinks about our products

"I've been a fan of your range for only a short time but I am hooked!! I was lucky enough to receive a hamper of beautiful products as a gift (i had twin girls in June) with pamper treats for me and the babies.  Amongst them were some of your lovely products. I received Vanilla bath crystals which smell so beautiful that I have become a 'little' obsessed with (!), a great exfoliating scrub and a pot of Elixir body cream. This body cream is truly something else! The girls get very dry skin behind their knees, in the nape of their neck and other areas and dependent on the weather it can get so sore that it bleeds/cracks. I have been using Elixir on them after bath time for around 3 weeks now. I'm so glad I did because their skin felt less tight after just one application. After continued use, the red patches are becoming less and less. Their skin is more supple and less sore. In short, Elixir works brilliantly; nothing we’ve used previously has been as effective"
Mrs Michelle Pitt

"I am writing to let you know I used the Ever Since cosmetics products last night for the very first time. I must say how happily surprised I was that the Blossom salt scrub was not too harsh on my skin and the scent of it is incredibly divine. I have tried a salt scrub before from a different company a long time ago and it was not pleasant to use. So I have never bought one since. The one from Ever since cosmetics is so beautiful and it melts against the skin leaving it soft. It’s beautiful !
The blossom body butter finished the experience very well and my skin is so soft and smells gorgeous. My husband commented on it too. (Which never happens!). ;) I think you have found a customer for life ! I will also tell my friends about the products."
Mrs. Collette Sherriffs