MeSsa Innovative sales solutions

MeSsa provides innovative sales solutions. We are a leading sales demonstration company operating concessions in upmarket department stores and retail chains throughout the UK.

As market leaders our management has over 10 years experience in Sales, Marketing, Finance and Logistic operations.

We focus on improving sales through demonstration and our professional sales advisors provide consultation and product information. We provide proven effective and innovative training for our sales advisors. Our team of sales advisors are our main resource and we continue to attract and retain the most talented and passionate people.

Our customers are a top priority in our business!   We are committed to ensuring that we provide an exceptional customer experience and quality care.

Our exclusive cosmetic brand “Ever Since” is unique as it combines essential minerals from the Dead Sea together with unique plant and flower extracts resulting in professional skin care. Our Ever Since customers enjoy eternal pleasure from the sue of our products by bringing the eternal secrets of the Dead Sea to their home or office.

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